Proverbs A Day in May

Hi Loves,

Happy May 1st! I’m so excited because we are starting Proverbs a Day in May!!! (I’m definitely screaming & jumping up a down as I say that lol)

So, in February, I started the #lovebiblejournaling, Scripture Writing Challenge and it was so amazing. I still get emails and DM of people starting the challenge and how their lives have been changed. I can’t believe I fought God on starting it. I didn’t think I was qualified to ask people to write down scriptures or get deeper in their word. I’m thankful that God is persistent in what he needs me to do because once I gave in lives were changed. Now, I’m not perfect at all because towards the end of February He told me to work on more Bible-centered content but of course as history repeats itself I didn’t listen.

Cut to April.

God wouldn’t leave me alone on doing another challenge and this is where He gave me the idea for Proverbs a day in May. As I started studying Proverbs He provided all of the verses he wanted to be highlighted on this challenge. I’m so excited because these verses are going to challenge, change and convict us. Well, truthfully I’m excited and nervous.

Okay, so while I was while studying for this challenge I came across this video. It explains the book of Proverbs so well so please check it before getting starting!

The Rules: 

Simply write the scripture of the day down in your favorite notebook and reflect on it. If you want you can use color pencils and doodle on the scriptures too it’s really up to you. I like reflecting so that’s anything from thinking about it throughout the day, writing a prayer or a few notes or thoughts or talking about it with a friend. (you can also DM me on insta or email me of you want!)

Also, share your writings on social media and hashtag it #SLJxBibleJournaling so I can see it and comment and show some love!

So that it. No absolutely no pressure. Are you ready?

I hope that you join me for Proverbs a day in May, and if you find this post after May 1st jump on in a start at day 1!

p.s. I created this journal for this bible challenge and I’m obsessed! It is available for preorder here!!

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