April Favorites 2017

Hey Loves,

I can’t believe May is literally tomorrow. Time goes by way faster when you are in adult (sad face). Well, I decided to share my favorites this month via the blog. You can check out what I was loving in March on the youtube channel.

Okay we have a few things to cover – I feel like a college professor lol  

Okay seriously let’s dive in!

Blogger Event

So this month I hosted my first blogger event. It was honestly so amazing. We sat and had some amazing girl talk. I personally learned about working in corporate America. For those of you who don’t know I work for a huge company as the global social media coordinator. I never thought I would work in corporate America and it is a completely different world. Anytime I can get around women who have been there and done that I get my notebook out and take notes. Let’s just say many notes and connection were made that night.

SN: If you are looking for another event in May here is the link to A Grown-Up Craft Party! It’s for Mother’s day and I will be there. Get your tickets, they will sell out soon!

New Merch

the event, I launched my new Merch shop! I can’t even tell you how proud I am of this thing. I beam with joy when I see people posting their bottles and notebooks. Ah I still can’t believe it.  If you want to purchase something for my shop check it out here. They sell out fast so I will try to keep them in stock! Everything is made by hand so it can be a struggle!

CURLS Products

At the event, I partnered with CURLS and gave each attended a Travel Sized Leave in Conditioner and a Full Sized Hair Mask! This leads me to my next favorite!

The Curls hair mask is freaking amazing. Personal I have super thick curly hair so I prefer a mask that’s thick but can still move through my curls. This product has a great mix. Bonus it smells like freaking Blueberries!!

I typically deep condition my hair every Thursday or Friday. Stay tuned to my YouTube channel for tomorrow video on how I deep condition (hint there may even be a giveaway)!

Girl Trip to Austin

The following weekend was my friend’s 22nd birthday! Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge birthday person, I mean mine literally goes on for days! Any who we planned a girl trip to Austin. (SN: I would love to move to Austin, the hills are so freaking beautiful). The trip was amazing and definitely one of my faves this month. It was really important for me not only support my friend but spend time with the girls. I was so stressed out from the event I just needed to relax and a road trip was exactly what the doctor ordered. I def want to plan more of those short vacays in the future.


Another favorite in April was my Another favorite in April was my devotional. I follow this Instagram account called Bibles and Coffee, I found her on the discover page ( I love that thing) and I was hooked on her personality. She paints bibles and they are so freaking cute.


So, she reads this devotional every day and it takes you through the New Testament in a year! Obviously, since I started it in April I’m not on track at all but I love the book. It came at the perfect time because I wanted something that wasn’t on my phone. I tend to get a little distracted and end up on Instagram. This is perfect for my quiet time with Jesus. I usually take about a 15-minute break from work and sit in my car a read it. It’s been amazing to get some quiet time during my hectic day.

I also have the bible app, add me as a friend if you are on there. I still read and post different scriptures on there from time to time.

Since April was kind of hectic for me, in the beginning, I allowed myself to binge watch tv one weekend. I didn’t post on Instagram for a whole week and I didn’t post a video. I was sad at first because I felt like I wasn’t being productive but I felt a burnout coming and I knew I needed to take a break.

I can be a bit of a workaholic so sitting and doing nothing is hard for me. One weekend I just decided to let my phone die, ignore my computer and laid in bed and watch Netflix. It was amazing! Here are the shows I obsessed over:

13 Reason Why–  If you have seen this PLEASE comment below, I’ve been wanting to talk about it but I don’t know anyone who has seen it! I would also say if you are sensitive to rape and assault topic please do not watch this. It is very graphic.

Famous in Love– If you ever watched Hollywood Heights it’s exactly like that. Def for the younger crowd but I’m a teenager at heart. (the full season is on Hulu)

GirlBoss– Now why didn’t anyone tell me to read GirlBoss! I love Sophia’ story and I am praying they get the second season. (Please update me if you know anything!)

Welp, that just about wraps up my faves for April. Today I am writing some new goals for May. I’m so excited for all the things to have in store for you guys.

If you didn’t know Proverbs A Day in May starts on Monday. Here is how the #lovebiblejournaling went if you have no idea what I am talking about!

Comment below what your favorite thing in April was. I totally want to know so I can try it! 🙂  

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  1. I too binged on 13 Reason Why and #Girlboss! I loved them both! 13 Reasons Why broke my heart and really gave me a completely different perspective on life and #Girlboss was a perfect way to end April; I feel ready to continue pushing my brand and achieve all my goals for May!

    -xoxo Tanish

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