Nordstorm’s Fall Beauty Trend Show Recap

Guys! This Saturday I got the opportunity to attend Nordstrom’s Fall Beauty Trend Show at the Houston Galleria.  It was absolutely amazing! I have never wanted to buy some many beauty products in my life. The best part of it all was getting my makeup done by three different artist. I think they could all tell I’m a fan of natural makeup by the bare face I showed up to the event in lol.


My first stop was at the Sara Happ booth and I got to get my lips scrubbed by SARA HAPP HERSELF!! It was epic, she has the most amazing soul so pure and just an all around amazing girl. If you follow me on snapchat then you got to see us gushing to each other about literally everything. 

Sara Happ is like the lip queen, her company has the best lip scrubs I’ve ever felt and the  “lip slip” is so long lasting. No seriously, I ate and drank with my lip slip on for hours and I had to wipe it off to change into a drying liquid lipstick, that didn’t feel as drying as it normal does all because I had been wearing an moisturizing lip treatment all day! The moment she put the scrub on lips I knew I was going to be making a purchase! No worries if you don’t follow me on snapchat (which you totally should) you will still get to see the videos of us hanging out on my youtube channel coming really soon!

I purchased Sara Happ’s,  The Gift Set in Sparkling Peach.


The next stop was at the Trish Mcevoy. Now ladies, I had no idea how amazing her foundation is! I got a full face of natural looking make up and even when makeup artist Ezierl applied the foundation (‘Even Skin’ Water Foundation-Tan) it felt like NOTHING! The formula is water based which makes it so light weight. It also has the cutest little dropper which prevents you from pouring too much out of the bottle. 

When Ezekiel who was so amazing finished with my look we decided to go a little further and do some “nontouring” which is contouring without all the crazy sharp lines. Again right up my natural makeup alley.He used the same foundation in a darker color and girlssss may face looked so amazing! I will definitely be pinning this to my Wish List on Pinterest!


And last but certainly not least I sat in the Anastasia Beverly Hills chair. The girls there were so nice! My artist was Noel (@leglamprincess on Instagram), and y’all her makeup was so bomb! I would also like to put on the record that Noel said I had PREFECT eyebrows! *Hair flip* lol. I was always teased as a kid for having super thick eyebrows and now they are “perfect” so strange how the world works. Anyways, I got my brows done using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Define Brow, Brow Wiz, and Pro Pencil in 2 &3. Needless to say these will be on my Pinterest Wishlist as well.


The trend show was so amazing and I can’t wait to go again next year! I made a list of all the things mentioned in this post and you can purchase them here! Happy shopping 🙂 Also, comment  what beauty products you are loving, I’ve been looking for a new moisturizer.