Easy DIY Essential Oil Rollerball Recipes

A couple of months ago I was talking to my friend Jade whose totally obsessed with essential oils. Now I love my oils but my friend uses them for purposes I didn’t even know were possible. So anyways I was talking to her and she mention that she liked to use oils as perfume. I have no idea why it never dawned on me that this was a thing. I love the scent of lavender but I never thought about wearing, I know I know, where have I been. So I asked her how she did it because oils are very strong and she told me that she makes rollerballs and mixing all different scents together. The minute I got home I ordered some rollerballs from Amazon and now I have 3 scents I carry with me at all times!

What you need:

10ml Glass Roller Bottles

Carrier oil- coconut oil, almond oil or grape-seed oil

Essential Oils (Lavender, Peppermint, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus)

The first scent I made is just basic Lavender, I like to rub this on my wrist and behind my ears and wear as a perfume.

  • 20 drops of Lavender

Then I got just a little more adventurous and created my favorite Lavender and Peppermint. I use this one when I feel a little overwhelmed or stressed. I have anxiety so I just like to keep this around, the moment I open the top I feel calm.

  • 10 drops of Peppermint
  • 10 drops of Lavender

The last one I made is a Tea Tree and Eucalyptus blend, I made this one originally because I love the scent (not for everyone) but I was also traveling and wanted to have this around as a bug repellant.

P.S it totally works!

  • 10 drops of Tea Tree
  • 10 drops of Eucalyptus

After you add the drops of essential oils allow them to sit for a couple of hours to blend together. Simply fill the rest of the bottle with the carrier oil of choice and enjoy!”

I want to try some new blends so leave me a comment telling me which scent you think or know would go good together! Also, let me know your favorite essential oil brand.

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