My Christmas Wishlist | #Blogmas Day 2

Hey Lovies,

So for the first real post for #Blogmas I had to do a Christmas Wish List just in case someone wanted to bless me! jk! Also, I will be turning 25 this month (what? I can’t believe it either) so I’m including my bday wish list as well. This is really just to give you some ideas of what to give people or a little inspiration for your own wish list.

Okay, so you guys know I have a youtube channel and I’ve had my eye on this camera, I’m still trying to figure out what lens I would need for filming because I heard the kit lens is crap. Camera lovers please leave your recommendations down below, maybe this or this one?

I also really really want a new computer, granted I’ve had my Macbook Air for a short while but ever since I saw the new Macbook Pro I can’t stop thinking about it, it’s on the list but will it happen? (probs not) lol

Lately, with all my Black Friday shopping (lol) I keep seeing this portable photo printer. I def don’t need it but I love making scrapbooks so  I want it.

Okay, so I don’t know about you but I’m actually obsessed with the tv show A Different World, one time Cree Summer tweeted me and I freaked out. So there is this website where you can get a Hillman College sweatshirt AND and andddd they give you a diploma for graduating Hillman College! Guys, I’m fangirling writing this! I really want it.

Also, I have an apple watch on my list. I don’t know if this is something I would love but comment and let me know if you have one and if you love it.

I’ve been wearing hoops a lot more but I will forever be a stud kind of girl, I saw these and fell in love, these two Kendra Scott studs are both on my list.

I love editing my videos with headphones on and I brought some $5 over the ear headphone but I would love an upgrade with these super cute Rose Gold Beats Headphones.

As a kid, I hated getting PJs, socks, and undies but I LOVE getting them now, partly because I hate paying for them lol. These will always be on my list, here are so cute undies, plus they are super soft and comfy

Naturally, I would also love a new diffuser and some essential oils. I stuff have the one I show in this video but I think might be time  for an upgrade with this one.

I’ve had my eye on this Tiffany necklace for years, I was going to buy it has a gift to myself when I graduated college but no one tells you that you graduate broke and you can’t buy yourself things!

I am a HUGE reader so a gift card to Half Price Books is right up my alley, or really any books that might fit me, I feel like when you get someone a book you are telling them something so be careful you never know what you are saying (or do you).

Also, since graduating college I have gone on a lot of interviews and like most recent grads I wear the same interviewing outfit, the only issue is what do you wear when you get the job? Therefore I’m going to need some work clothes or gift cards to those fancy places you get clothes other than yoga pants. Also, did you guys know that

Double also, did you guys know that Uber has gift cards? I definitely need some of those for my birthday, actually just all sorts of gift cards. I love them gift cards!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and leave a comment on one thing on your list for Christmas:) blog-ending