Christmas Bucket List | #Blogmas Day Three

Every year I make myself a Bucket List of things I want to complete during the holidays and this year is no exception.e  twist this year is that I’m daring you to do one of the things on  my list and send a picture to me of you doing it! So fun, I know I know. So you can send the picture to me on twitter or tag me on Instagram. Now list get into the list!

Beige watch tons of cheesy Christmas movies

Complete at least one Christmas DIY ( I never finish them lol)

Bake a sweet Christmas treat with friends

Have a tree trimming party

Make a Christmas Wishlist (so ppl know what to get you)

Drive in a random neighbor and look at lights

Make a gingerbread house

3 Random acts of Kindness

Take pictures in New York with the decorations (stay tuned on ig for this one)

Watch the movie Elf (you just have too)

Cozy up next to the fireplace and read the Nativity story

Complete #blogmas without missing a day

And don’t forget to tag me if you complete any of these! Also, leave one of the items on you Christmas Bucket List! blog-ending