5 Steps to Conquering Your 2018 Goals

A few Saturdays ago  I threw a Vision Board Party for some of my girlfriends. It turned out to be an amazing night of catching up after the holidays and really planning out our 2018. So many of us are in different stages in our lives plus we also have very different goals and dreams. When we planned this party we really wanted to be intentional and follow through with our goals.


I asked you guys on Instagram if you wanted me to share the structure how set our specific goals and I got so many DM’s! Honestly, it made my heart happy. I’m so excited to see you guys excited about setting and achieving some long awaiting goals!


Let’s get starting! So, everyone chooses ONE word for the year. If you saw one of my recent post I chose the word Transparency and explain in further detail here. This is will the main thing you want to work on during 2018, it can be something simple or complex but of course, something personal that will help guide you throughout the year. You can also pick a quote if you have felt like one word won’t sum up 2018, totally up to you!


After you have your word(s) its time to getting to these long-term goals. We choose FOUR categories, these are subject to change, however, I do believe it’s important to have a minimum of four areas so you are growing in different parts of your life.


These are the FOUR areas we agreed upon:

  • Spiritual
  • Financial
  • Personal
  • Professional

For each area have a long-term goal that will take a year to complete. Once you have your goals for each category break them down into what you can get checked off in 3 months. We will be having quarterly check-ins to make sure we are on track to reach our goals at the end of 2018.  


We also want to make sure that these goals are SMART goals and not just thrown out with no purpose. Here is more information on SMART goals:

Specific – target a specific area for improvement.

Measurable – quantify or at least suggest an indicator of progress.

Assignable -specify who will do it. (you lol)

Realistic – state what results can realistically be achieved, additional resources needed.

Time – specify when the results can be achieved.



Put these on your calendars! I will be posting on social media as the time gets closer so we can all make sure we meet our deadlines!  

March 31

June 30

September 30

December 31


SHORT VERSION (because I feel like I talk write forever): 

Choose ONE Word For The Year

Pick FOUR Categories You Want to Improve

(Example: Spiritual, Financial, Personal, Professional)

Get Specific By Making Each Goal SMART

Breakdown Each Goal By Including a Quarterly Check List

Add Check-in Dates to Your Planner




Okay, now to the part you guys are really waiting for! Since we have our goals all laid out and we are ready to achieve greatness in 2018, we need to make sure our hair is on the same level! For this event, I partnered with CURLS to give every attendee some Blueberry Bliss goodness and I just couldn’t not share with my loves on the blog!



2 Winners will get:

One Travel-sized Blueberry Bliss Leave in Conditioner

One Full Sized Blueberry Bliss Twist & Define Creme



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