Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Her – Self Care Edition 2018

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is just around the corner? I personally love this holiday, my girlfriends and I usually get together and shower one another with love. This year I think we’re going to do a self-care spa theme party! It’s great because most of my friends are single and we don’t let ourselves be sad and sit on the couch crying over the men we don’t have. Nothing wrong with stuffing your face with ice cream & raw cookie dough, I’m totally the girlfriend you call for that, I just refused on the national holiday for love.
If you are single or in a relationship but not spending it with your partner, give yourself some self-love this year!

Below are some of my favorite products and some I’m dying to try.

 P.S. The Sara Happ Lip Scrub is absolutely amazing and will have you feeling like a queen in five minutes. 
Now that I’ve told you what I’m doing this year, I’m dying to know your this Valentine’s Day plans, comment below!

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