Joining Sigma Phi Lambda Changed My Life

If you have been following me since I was in college then you know I was in a Christian sorority called Sigma Phi Lambda. I have a couple of vlogs on my youtube channel of all of the fun times we had. They always say when you join a sorority you are going to meet your best friends for life and your “bride babes”. Personally, I thought that was so lame…until I met the girls.

I decided to join Phi Lamb my first semester of my senior year. Up until that point, I love my school, I mean I was a Theatre Arts major we had tons of fun. When I said yes to Phi Lamb my entire outlook on college changed. I realized I was missing out on so many things. I didn’t really have strong friendships. I didn’t have the accountably I crave regarding my relationship with Christ and I didn’t have girls around to uplift and support me.

When I  joined Sigma Phi Lambda on September 11, 2015, I found my home at UNT. There was nothing better than being with like minded woman all making the decision to worship God in college.

Sigma Phi Lambda like most sororities requires a lot from you. You have to have a church home or actively looking for one, be in a bible study outside of Phi Lamb, go to Monday meetings, be in a prayer group and attend the theme nights (which were all centered around God and fellowship). If you didn’t want to have accountability in your walk with Christ, it didn’t matter because the moment you joined that’s exactly what you got.


I learned so much in my time with the girls, my favorite nights were when we didn’t want to leave each other so we would spend all weekend together.

One of the hardest parts about graduating college is not being able to worship with my sisters on Monday nights. There were Mondays I didn’t want to be there because I was having a bad day but the moment I walked in I was happy to have so many girls who cared about my trivial issues.

I took for granted being able to walk across my apartment complex when I’m feeling down and making one of my sisters bake a cake with me. Nor am I able to randomly go to Whataburger (Texas thing)  in the middle of the night with a huge group of girls in our pjs. 

To my phi lamb sister still in college, enjoy your time and enjoy the memories. Go to the events and mingle with other sisters. Love and encourage each other, fight hard for each other and most importantly lean on each other. I’m thankful that I have built lifelong bonds with my sisters.  You will miss these moments when everyone isnt up the street and life  get busier.

I love all my sister and of course the most beautiful little lamb in all of the land 🙂

Dear Lord,

Thank you for leading me to such a beautiful group of woman who honor and serve you. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of such an amazing sisterhood and having people I can count on and teaching me to be a better friend.

In Jesus’ name



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