PillowTalk: Where I’ve Been


I know I know, I’ve been away for quite some time and honestly, I’m not sorry about it. I needed some me time. Time to reflect on all that I have put on my plate and evaluate what was necessary. I realized that I cared more about getting videos and blogs up than spending time with actual people in my life.

In January, I prayed for some Godly friends in my life. I wanted to have a community. I had recently joined a new church but felt no real connection to people, I was just simply a church member. My heart desperately longs for people to do life with. I used to keep my life in compartments. I had church friends, party friends, and friends that were like family.

In about March my prays were answered! I joined a connect group with my church and added some amazing people to my life. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably see them all the time. I love them so much; they truly push me closer to Christ. The transition of adding these new friends to my life wasn’t easy though. In my old ways of living a compartmental lifestyle, these were just supposed to be my church friends. Well, we loved each other so much we started hanging out on the weekends leaving very little time for my party friends.

I started to pray again that God would have my “party friend” group merge with my church friends. It sounds so crazy but I know I’m not the only one who does it. A few months later my prayers were answered again! My party friends now attend bible study with me every Friday and we’ll all hang out on the weekends together.

I’ve been having so much fun that I decided to just take a break — a break from blogging, from the constant need to post on social media — and just live life. Sometimes, I think I can get so caught up in the idea of “making my life look fun” that I’m miserable doing it. I stressed about getting the right shot and forgot to just enjoy the moment.

Sometimes, I think I can get so caught up in the idea of “making my life look fun” that I’m miserable doing it. Click To Tweet

My new circle of friends weren’t used to being on camera all the time. They helped me remember what real life is like. Even typing that sounds silly but when you know you have to go to the pumpkin patch to get a cute photo you begin overthinking everything so much that you don’t even remember seeing a pumpkin!

Speaking of…I really want to go to a pumpkin patch. lol

I’m so thankful that God placed these friends in my life at the perfect time. I’ve been able to grow in so many ways.

Thanks to all who have continued to follow me on IG. I appreciate you sticking with me as I grow. I hope you have seen that living life with good people is so much fun!!

Now, with all of that said..I’m back! I’ve truly missed and thought about ya’ll while I was gone. I have so many ideas for topics and can’t wait to share what I have learned on my hiatus! I can’t say that I will be doing things the way I used to but I promise to continue being ME!

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