First, let me just say that I know that I am super late. I got all caught up in celebrating my birthday (which was so amazing), Christmas (loved) and the New Year. The holidays are such a busy time for me, I get to see so many friends that come home for the holidays and the blog was put on the back burner. I’m sorry and I hope you will forgive me.

I have a huge recap of my failed #blogmas attempt coming soon. I actually got a lot of the things on my bucket list done with pictures to prove it. Plus its a lot of fun to recount some of the moments that tend to go by so fast.

Lastly, I wanted to say thank you to every reader and subscriber of this blog and on my youtube channel. You guys made 2016 so special for me. I never thought I would start a blog and the numbers on my channel still shock me. Thank y’all for being so supportive and loving towards me. I honestly can’t wait to see what adventure we will go on in 2017!

Be sure to subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss a post, I have lot coming your way:)