June Favorites

Wow. Where the heck did June go? Like, seriously this month went by so fast! Last month you all loved seeing my faves so I thought I would share them again! Since the month flew by I don’t have a long list but I thought it was still worth sharing.

So, if you follow me on my IG stories you know that someone stole my phone. Ugh. It was really annoying but thank God I have always been a saver. I opted to get the new iPhone and justified it as an investment to my business. The iPhone 7 Plus really has an amazing camera, I thought it was all talk but it’s actually true. The photo quality is freaking stunning.

Along, with the phone, I bought the Lumee Duo Case. At first, I used to think this case was a little much but Y’all it actually comes in handy. The back lightening is perfect for product shots and I don’t have to get my ring light out. I highly recommend it if you have an extra $70 bucks to spend.

This month, I also introduced a new quote to my glass bottle line. These things sell out faster than I can make them and I am so grateful. The new bottle says “Love Yourself Naturally”, this stems from a lot of conversations I have had with my friends recently. It’s meant to be a reminder to love yourself wherever you are (physically, mentally, emotionally) in your most natural state. No add-ons just you. If you would like you can purchase a bottle for you or a friend here

Ps. I’m vending at my friend, Iyana’s event tomorrow (it just sold out) and I am so excited because this is the second time I will be selling my merch in person! Vending is so much fun because I love talking to people, I’m sure i’ll be on snapchat the whole time so make sure you are following me!

My last favorite I actually mentioned in my latest blog post. I shared some books I will be reading this summer and I started Purpose Driven Life in the middle of June. Ya’ll if you feel like you aren’t connecting to God or just kind of existing in life I encourage you to pick up this book. Its definitely very blunt but perfect to get you on track with your purpose.

Well, that’s all folks. Let me know what you have been loving in the month of June in the comments below or feel free to email at info@shaelisa.com

Have an amazing weekend!

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