4 Tips on Fighting the Winter Cold Naturally | #Blogmas Day Six

Hi Beauties,

So I ALWAYS get sick during the holidays and it sucks, but throughout the year I have found some nice tricks to help fight those colds.

*a little disclaimer before we get started: I am in no way a doctor, never even been to medical to school and can barely get through Grey’s Anatomy. Please speak with your doctor before trying any of these tips.

Tip One: Essential Oils

So you guys know I love my diffuser and essential oils, I even put a new one on my Christmas Wish List and mentioned it on my youtube video a few times AND even on this blog. If you know how to use them correctly you can combat those germs head on, so these are two I highly recommend.


Diffuser– Add a couple of drops with some water and it kills germs in the air, now I  will say the scent is not for everyone but I have developed a liking for it.

Rollerball– Add a few drops of a carrier oil and keep in your purse or car. This is useful for on the go and because you combine it with a carrier oil you can actually rub it on your skin. Use your discretion if you tend to have sensitive skin.

Direct Application– So I really like using this oil for teeth, I rub a little on my toothbrush to help kill the extra little gems running around in there but it numbs you mouth (great if you have a toothache) not something I do all the time but maybe once every two weeks.


Diffuser– This oil is great for again killing gems but also opening up your nasal passages because depending on how much you add it can be very strong.

Rollerball– Adding a few drops in combination with a carrier oil to have the ability to apply directly to the skin. I have a blog post on my recipes for rollerballs here

I personally do not use Peppermint directly on my skin but there may be great tips.

Tip Two: Vitamin C 

Now these packets don’t test the best but when I travel or I know that people at the office are getting sick I chug this down. I keep a few in my purse and at my desk. You will have to combat this thing head on or you will be sitting at home while everyone is out having fun with Santa at the mall!

Tip Three: Hot Lemon & H20 

During the season change our bodies can get really dehydrated, drinking warm water when we first get up not only breaks our fast from the night before but hot liquids help to relieve nasal congestion you might have when you first wake up. This, in turn, helps to keep us hydrated and clear up any congestion before the day starts PLUS lemon helps speed up your metabolism.  Honestly, drinking and water have a lot of health benefits, let me know if you want a blog post with more information.

Tip Four: Extra Pillow

Okay, so this might sound a little weird but sleeping with more pillows at an angle will help your nasal passages to drain. Also if you aren’t a huge fan of pillows try sleeping on your side, sleeping on you back when even a hint of a cold can cause post nasal drip.

Well, those are my four tips, comment below how you are fighting these nasty germs this season, I trying new ways!